Pediatric Dentistry Services

Pediatric Dentistry Services in Abilene, TX

Dr. Jason Alexander is passionate about providing dental care for patients of any age. This includes seeing children and enhancing their oral health. Abilene Advanced Dentistry offers pediatric dental appointments in Abilene, Brownwood, Eastland, and all surrounding communities.

Exams and Cleanings

A dental appointment for children in many ways is like an appointment for adults. Dr. Alexander begins each patient visit with a comprehensive oral exam and thorough teeth cleaning. The exam and cleaning both prevent common dental health ailments and give our dentist the opportunity to diagnose other problems that are not always easy to detect.

During the exam, Dr. Alexander carefully looks for any and all signs of oral health concerns, from tooth decay to smile misalignment. Just as important to looking for these concerns is educating children on how to better care for their smile’s health, which he also does throughout the appointment. This patient education makes sure your child stays comfortable seeing a dentist and helps them keep their smile healthy between appointments.

Early Orthodontic Treatments

One of the key pediatric dental services our Abilene dental practice provides is malocclusion prevention. The misalignment of the teeth and bite, or malocclusion, can increase the likelihood of tooth fracture, decay, and other serious oral health problems when the adult teeth enter the smile. Dr. Alexander can help reduce, if not prevent, developing misalignment through early orthodontic intervention.

Abilene Advanced Dentistry uses the Rondeau® Early Orthodontics system for malocclusion prevention. These appliances guide jaw growth, creating more space for the adult teeth to erupt into the smile. The additional room will allow the adult teeth to enter the smile upright instead of being pushed out of alignment by their crowded neighbors.

When Your Child Can See Us

Many parents wonder when they can bring their child to us as opposed to a pediatric dental specialist. The answer has less to do with literal age and more to do with their comfortability in receiving treatment.

A pediatric dentist has the additional training to provide dental care to children who are scared of seeing a dentist. As such, if your kids are not yet able to undergo care within a normal dental environment, then specialist care may be required. However, if they are comfortable going to a dentist, then Dr. Alexander is able to see them.

Call Us for Pediatric Dental Services

Abilene Advanced Dentistry provides pediatric dental appointments in Abilene, with service to all surrounding communities. We will help your child’s dental health early so they can better protect their smile as adults. For more information about our pediatric dental accommodations, call our practice and schedule your child’s next appointment today!

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