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Abilene Advanced Dentistry

Jason Alexander, DDS - Family & Cosmetic Dental Care

Jason Alexander, DDS has one goal for this dental practice: to provide his patients with healthy, beautiful smiles. Abilene Advanced Dentistry serves Abilene, Brownwood and Eastland, and the surrounding communities.

Attention to Quality

Dr. Alexander is a firm believer in the quality of his work. He wants his patients to have the most successful treatment plans possible at every step.

In order to deliver that level of quality, our Abilene dentist makes a point to take time with his patients in order to educate them on their oral health and determine their dental needs. By helping patients improve their awareness of their oral health while also listening to their particular condition and needs, Dr. Alexander creates a dialogue to determine the best course of care. These dialogues are the difference between successful and unsuccessful treatments.

 Cosmetic Dentistry


Dr. Alexander offers cosmetic dentistry options that perfect your smile & restore your confidence. Contact our office today!

Dental Implants


Dental implants offer a solution for missing teeth. Dr. Alexander brings his expertise to direct your implant case at every stage.



Orthodontics can be tailored for nearly any age. Dr. Alexander provides the best treatment path for a confident smile.

Sedation Options


Anxiety keeps people from dental care. Sedation options can take the edge off, removing the barrier to a healthier you.


Meet Dr. Jason Alexander

Jason Alexander grew up about fifty miles west of Abilene on a cotton farm just South of Roscoe, TX.  At a young age, his family taught him the value of hard work and how to set goals to achieve his dreams.